How to use safari browser on the iPad

Safari is the Apple iPad web browser and it has a very smart search bar! It’s never been easier to find the websites you like as well as bookmark and share them. It also provides a private browsing option and a reading list that allows you to move easily through your chosen articles.

As for the search bar, you can begin to type in website addresses and it will guess the rest. However, you can disable this function if it begins to get annoying. The search bar appears at the top of your screen, no matter where you are in the results so you don’t
have to scroll all the way back up to the top.

How to open and begin using Safari on iPad

1) Press the Safari icon on your homescreen

Safari on ipad - icon on homescreen

2) Type your search term into the search bar at the top of the screen

safari on iPad - home

When you open Safari, it will pre-load the websites you view the most in the background to make it easier for you to find them and open them.

Private Browsing on iPad

To open private browsing, simply press private browsing:This prevents Safari from remembering every web page you look at and publishing it in your browser history, which is Safari’s default action.

safari on iPad - private browsing

Whilst in private browsing mode you won’t get tracked by cookies, and your personal data won’t be remembered. This means you will have to fill out any online forms in their entirety from scratch.

How to manually clear your browsing history on iPad

The history of your web browser is organised by day and the time of day that you viewed a certain item, ie morning or evening. The website address will be included in your history.

Safari on iPad - settings


You can clear your history by pressing the settings icon on your homescreen and then “Safari”, followed by “Clear history”..

Your Safari preferences can also be changed in the settings menu. There are options for you to block pop-ups or make your device remember your credit card data. Parental controls are also put in place here. To set parental controls choose “restrictions”

Actions that can be performed whilst web browsing on iPad

1) If you find a website that you want to copy from with a view to pasting it somewhere else, press on the button in the top left hand corner, next to the arrows. The arrows will move you backwards and forwards through the websites you have been viewing.

safari on ipad - sharing webpages

2) You can bookmark a page that you want to return to. You do this by pressing the button in the top left again and scrolling across to find the “add bookmark” command. Bookmarks that you have saved are stored in a list on the right hand side.

safari on iPad - add bookmark

The order of your bookmarks can be re-arranged. Press and hold to move them. To keep your bookmarks organised, you can place them in folders. The bookmarks will be visible on every new tab you open and Safari is capable of keeping a lot of tabs open at once.

safari on iPad - bookmarks

The same action button in the top left will also allow you to add an article to your reading list and share your link with your social media accounts.

safari on ipad - copy or print

safari on ipad - social media share

You can see a list of links shared by people you follow on Twitter. To open the link and read it, press on it.

safari on iPad - shared links

In the reading list, you can make use of an “up next” feature which allows you to scroll onto the next or previous article, rather than go back to the main reading list menu.

safari on iPad - reading list

It is possible to send messages or email via Safari, without going into the Mail app. You may wish to do this if you’d like to open a discussion about a particular website you’re viewing or send an entire website to somebody. Click on the button in the top left
again and choose send message.

safari on iPad - send emailsafari on iPad - send message


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